Our History

Boetto & Boetto Insurance Agency and Boetto & Boetto Attorney’s at Law were both founded by P. Francis Boetto.

 P. Francis Boetto                                 P. Francis Boetto working at the post office.

As a teenager, P. Francis Boetto (Francis) lived in Coal City, Illinois and had a job there working in the coal mines. Despite his youth, he ran for office as union representative and won. His duties included negotiations on behalf of the Union with the attorneys for the owners of the coal mine. It was during one of those negotiations that one of the company’s attorneys became impressed by Francis. The attorney convinced Francis to come to Chicago, Illinois, where he set him up with a job in the post office, a place to live in his home, and arranged to enroll him in school. The attorney mentored Francis through De Paul University School of Law where he graduated as Salutatorian in 1917.


After graduation, Francis decided to begin practicing law in Chicago, Illinois. A few years later he moved his office to Joliet, Illinois and in 1923 he established Boetto & Boetto Insurance Agency with his wife, Fanne Boetto. They had two children, Dominic and Rosemary.

Dominic F. Boetto graduated from the University of Notre Dame and De Paul University School of Law and began practicing after his service in the U. S. Navy in World War II. He returned to the service in the Korean War. During that service, the news came that his father, Francis, was killed in an automobile accident. He was immediately released from his military duties and returned to Joliet, Illinois to continue the practice of law and carry on the insurance business.

For the next thirty years, Dominic continued to grow the businesses while raising nine children with his wife, Gladys (Terry).

Dominic Boetto

In 1981 Dominic’s son, Paul V. Boetto, a graduate of Villanova University and Northern Illinois School of Law, began practicing law for Boetto & Boetto, and continues in the practice to this day.

Paul V. Boetto

In 1986, Dominic’s son, Marc D. Boetto, a graduate of Marquette University having been honorably discharged from his duties as a Military Policeman in the United States Army, joined the Boetto & Boetto Insurance Agency as a licensed insurance producer and agent, during which time the agency expanded it’s lines.

Marc D. Boetto


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